Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Guild Meeting

I went to my guild meeting this morning, I LOVE show and tell. These are some of the quilts (not mine) that were shown today. I am always amazed at the talent that people have. The unicorn quilt is hand applique. She did a beautiful job. Check out the tiny creatures at the bottom of the quilt. The Mardis Gras quilt has some interesting embellishments on it; Mardi Gras beads, etc. The picture of the machine quilting is from the back of the Dresden Plate quilt.

On a happy note, I finished the charity quilt and gave it back this morning. I am now trying to decide which of the many projects floating around in my head I'm going to start next... LOL

This is Winnie the Pooh and TiggerII : I haven't sewed the borders on yet... maybe tonight.

What I need to do first is fix my quilting machine. Either the table is not level, or the tracks need to be reapplied to the table. Whatever it is, it's making the machine have little jerky movements every once in a while. I think I'm going to try to reapply the tracks first. I read on someone else's blog that the sticky things it came with can cause tiny bumps in the track and that she switched it for double sided tape instead. Hmmm.. it's worth a shot. If that doesn't help, I'm going to have to convince DH to take it apart and re-level it for me.....(I'd do it myself but it's too heavy) .


Sandra said...

I love the unicorn quilt. I think you have talented frinds. Good luck on fixing your frame. I know mine kept hanging up on this one spot.The cord was getting caught.

Moneik said...

Good luck fixing your machine. I love Show and Tell too!