Friday, May 9, 2008

So far, so Good....

This one hour a day thing is working well. I'm 3 hours for 3 days.... I put the binding on Chinese Coins, after my oldest gave it to her best friend for her 19th birthday. She had to give it back so I could bind it. 19th birthdays are a pretty big deal in our neck of the woods because it's legal drinking age in Ontario. Needless to say the girls were pretty excited! The picture is with the binding on (I cheated and sewed it on with variegated thread).

I've made a good start on my sister's quilt. It's a sampler quilt with 22 different sized blocks, so right now I'm still SID around each block to stabilize it. Once I start quilting each block I'll post some pictures.

I also stopped at the fabric store last night and picked up the fabric to bind the Tulip Quilt. Holy Cow! At this rate I might actually get to list ACCOMPLISHMENTS next month.... LOL!

Guild meeting was this past Wednesday and the strangest thing happened.... the woman who is in charge of the charity quilts came up to me and gave me this huge apology.... it seems that she felt she was rude to me when I handed in the charity quilt I had done last month. She had said something along the lines that I had put too much time into it and that I didn't have to do anything that involved, etc. Anyways, whatever she said must have bothered her because she went on and on that she didn't mean to be rude, and that it was a beautiful job and how she appreciated the help, etc. I remembered what she said at the time, but I certainly didn't take it as a criticism (and I told her that). Weird.

Tonight is the first night of my ladies softball league, so you can expect me to be whining and complaining about how sore I am on Monday ......

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Moneik said...

Congrats on your three hours! Doesn't it feel good to be getting so much accomplished?