Monday, June 2, 2008

Almost There -

Well, it rained most of the weekend so baseball was cancelled Friday and Saturday, oh darn, more time for quilting (heeheehee). I finished all of the blocks and I have started on the borders. It's definitely not going to be done for Wednesday, but I don't care..... the light at the end of tunnel is getting brighter!

The final blocks: (somehow I missed taking some pictures of a couple of the smaller blocks, duh ...)

Didn't impress myself with this one, I wasn't even close to consistant with the continuous curves (again, it still looks good from 3 feet away!)

This is actually 2 blocks, the bow tie at the top and the applique heart. SID on the bow tie, and echo quilting (almost Dwirling) around the heart.

Another applique block, it was so small I just did SID around the straight pieces.

The ever- present McTavishing on the applique block and SID and wavy ribbons (Pajama Quilter) thru the star.

I'm going to take it off the frame tonight so I can quilt a charity quilt for Wednesday, but I have BIG plans to have it finished THIS WEEKEND. As much as I love this quilt, I am ready to be finished with it. I WANT TO START SOMETHING NEW!!!!! Waaahhhh......


Suzan said...

It's like everything else..practice, practice, practice!

Oh, and standing 3 feet away is a good idea...I do that but I also find that squinching up my eyes a little helps when I am not particularly thrilled with my quilting!

Last and best tip - wash and dry the quilt. They ALWAYS look better after that!! :)

Amelia said...

Looks great to me!


jillquilts said...

You are doing a great job! I think it looks wonderful!

Anna said...

The quilt looks awesome!
found ur site thru quilt blogger, nice to meet u =)
Spent 12 years of my life at baseball diamonds all across Canada and some in the USA so know how that goes =)
Fun to find all those quilt shops along the way lol

Cara said...

That looks just amazing! I'm turning green qith quilters envy!