Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Go Ahead .... Make My Day!

Some people say the nicest things.....

First, some background info: One of the members of the local guild I joined this year is Cheryl Czaplinski. Cheryl is a professional machine quilter who has won many awards (locally and across Canada) for her quilting. She is amazing. The guild has a membership of over 160 and at the last show this guild put on probably half the the quilts had been quilted by Cheryl (and no, she's not the only machine quilter in the area). Anyways....

I was showing Barb's Quilt to some of the ladies at the meeting and one of the women said, "it's beautiful, did Cheryl quilt it for you?" When I said, no, I had done it myself, you could see she was very surprised..... OMG.... someone actually thinks my quilting is comparable to Cheryl's! It was such a compliment! She made my day!

Reality check - my quilting isn't even close to Cheryl's, not yet, anyways. If she had really looked she would've seen why, but it still made me feel good to know that the overall effect is good. Since practice makes perfect (hahaha) I have a new excuse to buy more fabric and make more quilts!

This is the charity quilt I finished last night. Whoever pieced the top did a very nice job. I did a simple meander so that I could get it done on time, I didn't want to hang on to it over the summer (it would either be lost or covered in cat hair!). The legs belong to Sports Fan, who is now 5'10, and that makes him the Official Quilt Holder-Upper!

Tonight I'm going to put Barb's Quilt back on the frame and finish quilting the outside border and the small block I missed! (which I noticed at the guild meeting this morning.....)

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jillquilts said...

That is a great compliment! I am going to look at a frame this weekend. I am very hopeful to be a frame and machine owner by mid-summer! :)