Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy Busy .....

I finally managed to get in some quilting time this week. I finished quilting the table runner. Unfortunately, I've never put binding on anything except 90 degree corners, so I'm not sure how to proceed. If anyone knows how to mitre edges that aren't 90 degrees, or knows where I might find instructions, please let me know. I always machine stitch the binding on and hand stitch the back.

I wasn't really thrilled with my quilting. I used a variegated thread on the front and I think it stands out too much... I should've used something that blended. Live and learn.

I almost like the back more than the front, very pretty fabric.

I started the blocks for the Mountain Mist quilt. I've done 10 of the large blocks and 5 of the small. I still need another 15 of the small blocks. I need a more appropriate name. "Mountain Mist" doesn't work with the red, black and white fabrics.
I also need a design wall. Once I've finished the blocks I'm going to have to lay it all out and move the blocks around until it looks good. I'm thinking a trip to the local hardware store is in order. Not sure exactly what I need, but it's going to have to be easy to take down, I don't have any place I can leave it up (I already get too many complaints about the sewing machine and ironing board in the kitchen .... not that I pay any attention... in one ear...)

I decided to work on a leaders and enders quilt, only I'm using strips instead of squares. I'm hoping to make a couple of small quilts for the bunks in our camping trailer.

We're going camping this long weekend so I won't be accomplishing anything on the quilting front, but I am definately looking forward to some relaxation!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Next ....

Time to start something new.... I spent last night cutting out a new quilt. The pattern shows it done in batiks, but I was looking to use (some of) the red and black and white fat quarters I've been collecting.

Of course nothing is ever simple when I get my hands on it. Normally, (being in Canada, where the metric system rules ... sort of) when I buy a fat quarter it is 19 1/2 by 22 inches instead of 18 by 22 (one metre = 39 inches vs one yard is 36 inches). So, because I know this, I prewashed all of my fabric (didn't trust the red)..... Turns out the Califon FQ's that I bought at Sew-Sisters last weekend were cut 18 by 22..... Yup, they shrunk and I didn't have enough fabric to cut all the pieces. Arghh! So now I'm going to have to prewash a couple more FQ's and cut them to make up the shortage. That'll teach me, no more ASSUMING what the size is!

On a lighter note, the weekend away went well. SportsFan managed to get in 3 games of baseball on the weekend before they finally got rained out Sunday afternoon. Which meant we got to come home a little early on Sunday..... and the house was still standing, no parties, no big mess. Whew, maybe next time I go away I won't be quite so paranoid about leaving girls home alone! LOL!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Quilting, Baseball and Teenagers....

Well I did it. Sat for over two hours at a baseball game with a quilt on my lap and hand stitched the binding. It was 30 degrees Celcius (84 fahrenheit) when the game started. Wasn't much cooler at the end, either. But it's done now (I finished it up at home after the game).The SportsFan has baseball this weekend in Kingston, so my sister is going to meet up with us at one of his games to pick up the quilt. WooHoo! I get to start something new with NO GUILT ATTACHED! Unfortunately, it won't be this weekend..... 'cause the Sportsfan has baseball... again...

Hubby and I are taking him to Kingston (two hour drive) for a double header on Saturday, then we drive to Brockville (another hour) and stay overnight for two more games on Sunday. Normally, I enjoy the out of town weekends, but this is the first time we are leaving the girls 'Home Alone' for the weekend. Can you say 'Paranoid Mom'...? Normally I would have someone come and stay with them but now that they both work and they're 17 and 18 years old, I'm pretty sure they would freak out at having a babysitter.

Let's think about this: two teenage girls home alone for the weekend..... hhmmm.... No, wait... they're both responsible, well behaved young adults and I'm sure they wouldn't even dream about having friends over or throwing a party or anything like that....

Who am I kidding.... they're TEENAGERS!!! My solution to this little dilemma? I'm not going to tell them that we're not coming home Saturday night! (Insert evil laugh here) In fact, I may break down and outright LIE and tell them we'll be home late Saturday night , then phone at the last minute (like midnight) to let them know we won't be home.

Hey, what can I say? I was a teenager once, too.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quilty Things...

These are my purchases from the two quilt shops I went to on Saturday. The first place we stopped was Sew-Sisters. I've ordered from their online store before, but it was my first visit to the actual store. The black and white fat quarters are from Mark Lipinski's Califon line. I'm planning on using them in a black and white and red Turning Twenty quilt. (Hopefully to be started soon....)

I had to buy the One Block Wonder book. Both quilt shops had the most amazing One Block Wonder quilts on display.... one more thing to add to my "Someday" list.

The Rain Drops pattern was from the second shop, called Cock a Doodle Quilts (I love the name, can't find a website, though). It had a huge selection of quilt fabrics, but I behaved and only bought 2 red FQ's (which I forgot to photograph), the pattern and a package of Thangles. Of course I've never used Thangles before and don't know what I'll do with them, but really.... does it matter? I think not.

I'm still trying to finish the binding on Barb's quilt, however my sewing machine has decided it doesn't want to play nice this week. It's a Singer that I bought just before Christmas last year and it is the pickiest, most tempermental machine I have ever used. I had to give it a stern talking to last night: "either straighten up and fly right or I'll be bringing Old Faithful back out!" Old Faithful is a Kenmore I've had for 15 years.... it doesn't do anything fancy, but it never gives me a hard time either!

SportsFan has a ballgame tonight and I'm planning on hand stitching the binding down while I watch the game. Hopefully it won't be too hot outside to sit with a quilt on my lap!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Girls Night Out

What a great day! We started out early on Saturday and hit two quilt shops in Toronto (I may have, ahem, bought a few things, LOL), then we moved on to Yorkdale Mall in Toronto for lunch and some major clothes shopping. The only rule was that NO ONE was allowed to buy anything for their kids! Only for themselves! Which as any Mother knows, is not the easiest thing to do! However, we were strong!!! The next part is a little strange but.... we all bought co-ordinating black and white dresses to wear to the show that night.... It was a hoot, we changed in the bathroom of the Holiday Inn on King. From there we went for dinner and finally to Dirty Dancing - The Classic Story on Stage .

It was great. However, it's been a few years and I forgot just how many times I watched the movie with my girls..... OMG... I still knew almost every line before they said it on stage!!! I think I may have to go back and take the girls, they'll love it.

On the quilting front I trimmed Barb's quilt and cut the binding last night, I had big plans to sew the binding on so I could start the hand stitching tonight.... but a little thing called the Home Run Derby caught my attention instead..... and then I got hooked when Josh Hamilton hit 28 homers in the first round! It was very exciting and by the time it was over it was bedtime, so I'll have to try again tonight.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Wow, I didn't realize I'd been MIA that long. I don't even have a good excuse like vacation or something else exciting, sometimes life just gets too busy....

I'm trying to catch up on reading everyone's blogs but I think it will take me a couple of days. I have managed to read Moneik's, Jen's and and Jill's blogs.... GO GIRLS GO! Wow.... they are impressive!

I have managed to squeeze in a little time to work on my charm squares quilt. It's a pink ribbon quilt made with Northcott 'Quest for the Cure' charm squares I bought last year. The pattern calls for applique flowers in the center, but I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do that or just add a big pink ribbon on top. I'll decide when the top is finished. I still have to sew it together and add two borders.

This weekend I'm going to Toronto with two friends to see 'Dirty Dancing' on stage. Neither of my friends are quilters, but they relented and agreed to stop at a couple of quilt shops along the way. Insert evil laugh here..... I will convert them eventually!!!!