Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy Busy .....

I finally managed to get in some quilting time this week. I finished quilting the table runner. Unfortunately, I've never put binding on anything except 90 degree corners, so I'm not sure how to proceed. If anyone knows how to mitre edges that aren't 90 degrees, or knows where I might find instructions, please let me know. I always machine stitch the binding on and hand stitch the back.

I wasn't really thrilled with my quilting. I used a variegated thread on the front and I think it stands out too much... I should've used something that blended. Live and learn.

I almost like the back more than the front, very pretty fabric.

I started the blocks for the Mountain Mist quilt. I've done 10 of the large blocks and 5 of the small. I still need another 15 of the small blocks. I need a more appropriate name. "Mountain Mist" doesn't work with the red, black and white fabrics.
I also need a design wall. Once I've finished the blocks I'm going to have to lay it all out and move the blocks around until it looks good. I'm thinking a trip to the local hardware store is in order. Not sure exactly what I need, but it's going to have to be easy to take down, I don't have any place I can leave it up (I already get too many complaints about the sewing machine and ironing board in the kitchen .... not that I pay any attention... in one ear...)

I decided to work on a leaders and enders quilt, only I'm using strips instead of squares. I'm hoping to make a couple of small quilts for the bunks in our camping trailer.

We're going camping this long weekend so I won't be accomplishing anything on the quilting front, but I am definately looking forward to some relaxation!


Moneik said...

Oh I love the mountain mist quilt, but you're right the name doesn't do it justice. What pattern is it? I think it looks way cool the way you have it cut out. I use a piece of foam from the hardware store with flannel on top and it works great for a design wall.

Hazel said...

I also like that pattern .May I suggest you try a flannel backed table cloth for a design wall ,That way its easy to fold up and put away when not in use .

Kristie said...

You certainly have been busy!! I love all of your projects, you do such a wonderful job! I am like you, I also have to sew in the kitchen! My family is past complaining now, now they just glance my way on their trip to the refrigerator!!! I tease them that I am going to move the stove out so I will have more room and we can microwave everything but so far they are against it!