Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Girls Night Out

What a great day! We started out early on Saturday and hit two quilt shops in Toronto (I may have, ahem, bought a few things, LOL), then we moved on to Yorkdale Mall in Toronto for lunch and some major clothes shopping. The only rule was that NO ONE was allowed to buy anything for their kids! Only for themselves! Which as any Mother knows, is not the easiest thing to do! However, we were strong!!! The next part is a little strange but.... we all bought co-ordinating black and white dresses to wear to the show that night.... It was a hoot, we changed in the bathroom of the Holiday Inn on King. From there we went for dinner and finally to Dirty Dancing - The Classic Story on Stage .

It was great. However, it's been a few years and I forgot just how many times I watched the movie with my girls..... OMG... I still knew almost every line before they said it on stage!!! I think I may have to go back and take the girls, they'll love it.

On the quilting front I trimmed Barb's quilt and cut the binding last night, I had big plans to sew the binding on so I could start the hand stitching tonight.... but a little thing called the Home Run Derby caught my attention instead..... and then I got hooked when Josh Hamilton hit 28 homers in the first round! It was very exciting and by the time it was over it was bedtime, so I'll have to try again tonight.

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Hazel said...

Sounds like fun ,I love the movie Dirty Dancing .What no pics of the dresses ?