Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Next ....

Time to start something new.... I spent last night cutting out a new quilt. The pattern shows it done in batiks, but I was looking to use (some of) the red and black and white fat quarters I've been collecting.

Of course nothing is ever simple when I get my hands on it. Normally, (being in Canada, where the metric system rules ... sort of) when I buy a fat quarter it is 19 1/2 by 22 inches instead of 18 by 22 (one metre = 39 inches vs one yard is 36 inches). So, because I know this, I prewashed all of my fabric (didn't trust the red)..... Turns out the Califon FQ's that I bought at Sew-Sisters last weekend were cut 18 by 22..... Yup, they shrunk and I didn't have enough fabric to cut all the pieces. Arghh! So now I'm going to have to prewash a couple more FQ's and cut them to make up the shortage. That'll teach me, no more ASSUMING what the size is!

On a lighter note, the weekend away went well. SportsFan managed to get in 3 games of baseball on the weekend before they finally got rained out Sunday afternoon. Which meant we got to come home a little early on Sunday..... and the house was still standing, no parties, no big mess. Whew, maybe next time I go away I won't be quite so paranoid about leaving girls home alone! LOL!

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