Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quilty Things...

These are my purchases from the two quilt shops I went to on Saturday. The first place we stopped was Sew-Sisters. I've ordered from their online store before, but it was my first visit to the actual store. The black and white fat quarters are from Mark Lipinski's Califon line. I'm planning on using them in a black and white and red Turning Twenty quilt. (Hopefully to be started soon....)

I had to buy the One Block Wonder book. Both quilt shops had the most amazing One Block Wonder quilts on display.... one more thing to add to my "Someday" list.

The Rain Drops pattern was from the second shop, called Cock a Doodle Quilts (I love the name, can't find a website, though). It had a huge selection of quilt fabrics, but I behaved and only bought 2 red FQ's (which I forgot to photograph), the pattern and a package of Thangles. Of course I've never used Thangles before and don't know what I'll do with them, but really.... does it matter? I think not.

I'm still trying to finish the binding on Barb's quilt, however my sewing machine has decided it doesn't want to play nice this week. It's a Singer that I bought just before Christmas last year and it is the pickiest, most tempermental machine I have ever used. I had to give it a stern talking to last night: "either straighten up and fly right or I'll be bringing Old Faithful back out!" Old Faithful is a Kenmore I've had for 15 years.... it doesn't do anything fancy, but it never gives me a hard time either!

SportsFan has a ballgame tonight and I'm planning on hand stitching the binding down while I watch the game. Hopefully it won't be too hot outside to sit with a quilt on my lap!

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Betweens said...

Hi quilt is the one at Cockadoodle quilts OBW. thanks for the comments. I love that store!! can't wait to see what you do with your fab that you pic for this project. I love sew sisters as well they have great prices for their fabs and she is such a nice person