Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bad Blogger....bad....

Where does the time go anyways!?? I blink and it's been over a week since my last blog....

I've been going crazy trying to get BoyCrazy ready for university. In between the shopping and packing I'm trying to finish the quilt top she helped me make FOUR years ago. (Can you tell I'm a last minute type person?) I'll get it done, can't let her go off to school without a quilt (currently none of my children have quilts from Mom, I'm trying to fix that)

But on to my exciting news...... I ordered the MicroHandles for my HQ16 and they're here! They came yesterday! I'm so excited.... I'm hoping they give me more control for doing smaller, more intricate designs, like feathers or small circles. I also ordered an extra set of legs for my table because it still isn't level. I won't get any of it set up until after the long weekend though, every year we go camping for the weekend. DH and the kids are leaving today and I will meet them tomorrow night after work. Which means that I'll spend most of the weekend hand stitching the binding down on her quilt, before she leaves on for school on Sunday.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Woo Hoo! I Found my Camera!

Right where I put it, of course (in a bag, in the truck, when I was in Kingston). Sheese, these 'lapses' are getting more and more frequent....

So here is the fabric I bought last week. I LOVE the colours. Not what I normally buy. The blues are more teal than they look in the pictures. I'm thinking about using the Disappearing Nine Patch as the pattern. May have to admire and play with the fabric for a while longer before I decide (LOL).

I finished all of the 12" blocks for my R/B/W quilt. I really like this one, again it's the colours. They are a step out of the box from the more traditional colours I've used in the past. I'm going to sew all the squares together tomorrow and hopefully by then the border fabric I ordered will be here.

I had the house to myself this weekend (hubby and the kids went to the Havelock Jamboree) but I didn't do any quilting! My girlfriend and I went golfing, did some window shopping at a couple of car lots (still driving a rental right now), went out for dinner and then I spent most of my time watching the Olympics and doing laundry.... lots and lots of laundry.... my little mini - vacation.... How boring am I? LOL

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm still shaking ....

My youngest daughter was in a car accident last night. Thank God she's OK. She was only a couple miles from home and a rabbit ran out in front of her. Of course she's only 17 and hasn't got enough experience to know better, so she automatically hit the brakes. It was a gravel road and the car skidded into the ditch, and when it hit the ditch it FLIPPED OVER!!!!. When I got there, I took one look at the car and almost threw up, it scared me so bad. All you could see was the bottom side of the car. The ditch was so deep it covered the car windows. Fortunately, she had already gotten out of the car when I got there so I knew she was alright.

My heart can't take that kind of stress. It scared the hell out of me. Deep breath now... Must stay calm...

Changing the topic to less stressful things: Darn it, I can't find my camera! And I wanted to post pictures of my fabric purchases! I also wanted to show the Red/Black/White quilt up on the design wall (AKA: flannel back table cloth), I've only got a few blocks left to piece. I think it's old age or something that I can't find it... I know it was in the truck when I went to Kingston, but it's not there now.

Well if I don't find it soon I'll have to borrow my daughter's. Hopefully I'll have pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stash Busting ..... NOT

It's a good thing my stash isn't overly large yet, or I might be feeling a little guilty today. I stopped at Fabricland to pick up a border fabric for the red/black/white quilt and instead walked out with 8 metres of fabric for a new quilt that didn't even exist in my head until I saw the fabric!

Sheesh, I really need to stay out of fabric stores and quilt shops... I stopped at two quilt shops in Kingston last weekend, but I was a little better behaved there, I bought 10 batik fat quarters because they were on sale - buy 7 get 3 free (weird numbers but hey, why not?).

I also purchased Bamboo batting for the red/black/white quilt. I've never used it before, but it certainly feels nice and soft. I'll post some pictures tomorrow, along with the progress on the quilt. Of course, I still need to buy the border fabric but I think I'm going to order it from Sew-Sisters, because what I really want is more of the Califon fabric and none of my local stores carry it. Plus, shopping online might just keep me from making anymore impulse buys.... LOL .... probably not!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nothing Quilty .... Darn!

And I was doing so well.....

This is me whining because I haven't been able to quilt this week. We took the whole family to a friends cottage for the long weekend (4 hour drive EACH way), and then yesterday I had to take BoyCrazy to Ottawa for an orientation session at the university (another 3 hours each way), and tonight we're all going to Toronto to see a Blue Jays game (2 hours each way). Then.... (not done yet!) it's off to Kingston (2 hours) with the Sportsfan for a baseball tournament all weekend. I feel like my butt is permanently attached to the seat in the car!!!!

However... I happen to know where there are 2, yes 2! quilt shops in Kingston! LOL! I may not be able to sew this weekend but I can definately add to the stash between games!