Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nothing Quilty .... Darn!

And I was doing so well.....

This is me whining because I haven't been able to quilt this week. We took the whole family to a friends cottage for the long weekend (4 hour drive EACH way), and then yesterday I had to take BoyCrazy to Ottawa for an orientation session at the university (another 3 hours each way), and tonight we're all going to Toronto to see a Blue Jays game (2 hours each way). Then.... (not done yet!) it's off to Kingston (2 hours) with the Sportsfan for a baseball tournament all weekend. I feel like my butt is permanently attached to the seat in the car!!!!

However... I happen to know where there are 2, yes 2! quilt shops in Kingston! LOL! I may not be able to sew this weekend but I can definately add to the stash between games!


Moneik said...

You are going to be super busy! I'm sure you'll be tired by the end of the weekend. Hope you find some fun things at the quilt shop. I am still in love with your r/w/black quilt pattern. I'm going to be on the lookout for it this weekend.

yellowbird said...

found a great quilt that I could do while my husband drove us to Texas for vacation. It's in Fons and Porter mag this month - its the hexacon quilt - made the hexacons before we left and started to put it together while my husband drove. It was great
Also comupulsive from southern Ontario