Monday, September 22, 2008

Under Construction ....

I started putting the Maple Leaf quilt together for SportsFan. So far so good. First I made three panels to create the flag, and then I fused the large maple leaf to the center section (I haven't sewed the three sections together yet, I'm going to wait until all of the applique is done).

I cut out the letters for the center of the maple leaf.

This is the poster that I am using as a pattern. Tonight I need to fuse the letters onto the maple leaf. I'm not sure how to line them up correctly and keep them from moving while I press them down. I might try lining them up aginst a ruler, then using a small piece of masking tape at the top of the letter to hold it in place, press the bottom of the letter, then remove the masking tape and press the top of the letter. If anyone has another method, I'd love to know about it.

In regards to my last post, I've decided to look at it from a different angle: in the first ten years of quilting (no machine or frame) I only finished five quilts, and two were quilted by someone else. With a quilting machine, in only a year and a half, I've finished 14! (Sounds much better that way)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Some people are more "Prolific" than others ...

I was reading Jen's blog and she mentions that she's had her frame for a year now and she has quilted 54 quilts. That's right. 54.

Now that's prolific. And it got me thinking:

I have had my HQ16 and frame for almost a year and a half and I have quilted, maybe, ummm, let's see.... Oh yeah.... 14. That's right 14, and four of them were baby panels. Sheesh. Now I'm just down right embarrassed that I even own a quilting machine.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

One down... two to go

I've been on a mission to finish a quilt for each of my children and I'm getting really close! I actually finished the binding on the quilt for UniversityGirl (the one formerly known as BoyCrazy). She's coming home from university this weekend and it's ready to go back with her.

I finished quilting "Skunk in a Blender" for MaterialGirl and I just have to buy some binding fabric and it will be finished (hopefully this weekend).

And last, but not least, is the Maple Leaf quilt for Sportsfan. I have the material all washed and ready to go, hopefully I will have time to piece it together tonight. It shouldn't take long, it only has three pieces to it and an appliqued Maple Leaf. It's supposed to look like this:

With this caption underneath:

We'll see how it turns out.....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Skydiving ....

Yes, my crazy husband and my friend Sue actually jumped out of a perfectly good airplane..... The first picture is DH coming in to land, and the second picture is Sue right after she and her partner landed. Her hubby and I watched from the ground and just shook our heads.....

I decided to finish quilting Laura's Quilt on Sunday and wouldn't you know it, my quilting machine stopped working. The top thread wouldn't pick up the bobbin thread. I was not happy..... I tried everything, changed the needle, changed bobbins, cleaned it, oiled it, etc. Finally I gave up, very unhappy with my machine. So Monday I call the techie at HandiQuilter and explained the problem to him and it took him less than five minutes to figure out that I had the needle in backwards.... ARRGGGHHHH.... Can you say senile???

So I finished it last night (after making a diagram of how to insert the needle for future reference!)

And finally, finished at last, the quilt top now officially known as "Not Ugly". I am VERY happy with how it turned out, I love the colours and the fabrics.

Originally I was going to name it "Skunk in a Blender" as in "What's black and white and red allover?" hee hee.... but I changed my mind this weekend...

The story goes like this:

I have been collecting black/red/white fat quarters for about a year to make a quilt for my daughter's bedroom (red walls, black trim). I finally found a pattern I liked and started cutting the fabric for it last month.....

MaterialGirl walks by and says "you're not making that for me, are you? Because I don't want a quilt for my room".

Me: "Since when?"

MGirl: "I just don't. I like the comforter I have".

Me: "Oh. OK. I'll give it someone else when I'm done"

A month later, I'm in the kitchen (AKA my sewing room) putting the borders on it and she walks in.....

MGirl: "That looks nice".

Me: "Thank you. Who do you think I should give it to?"

MGirl: "What? It's my quilt, you said you were making it for me!"

Me (with dumb look on my face): "Ummm, you said you didn't want a quilt for your room ...."

MGirl: "Well, yeah, but I thought it was going to be ugly ......"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to our Regularily Scheduled Programming.....

Back in July I bought the One Block Wonder book because I had seen two beautiful quilts in the quilt shops I visited that day. One of the quilts (the black and white penguin quilt) is shown on this website: go take a look, she has pictures of some of the One Block Wonders she has made. The best news though, is she will be teaching the class at the CreativFestival in Toronto this year and I am going to do my best to make it there for her class!

Yesterday was the first guild meeting of the year and as usual, I forgot my camera! I do have a picture of the block of the month though, it's a Hawaiian type applique block. So I jumped right in last night and cut out the applique. I'm using fusible web, and I am going to machine stitch around it. I still need to buy the background fabric, which means I have an excuse to hit the fabric store this weekend!

The next picture is the start of my swap quilt. It's a paper-pieced mariner's compass but I'm not too thrilled with it yet. I'm sure it doesn't help that I've never done paper-piecing before. I am going to finish it and see if I like it before I decide anything.

Here's a couple of pictures of BoyCrazy's quilt, still on the frame. No, I didn't get it finished in time for her to take it university. Bad Mommy, bad..... Fortunately, her sister is planning on visiting her in a couple of weeks so I'll send it to her then.

It's not hard to tell that this is one of my early tops, the first picture shows just how out of square it is. But she won't mind, she actually heped cut out and sew the wonky squares in the middle (the one and only time she actually showed an interest in my sewing machine!)
Finally, under the heading of 'My Husband is a Freak' I am going to go watch the lunatic jump out of an airplane this afternoon! He and my friend Sue are going skydiving! My friend Sue watched the movie The Bucket List a couple of months ago and she has decided there are a few things she wants to do in life NOW, not when she's old. DH thought the skydiving was great and decided he was going with her...... They're both lunatics. Fortunatley they're both doing what is called a tandem dive, where you are actually strapped to an experienced skydiver. Hmmm, maybe they won't go SPLAT after all.... Her husband and I are going to watch and try not to throw up.....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

She's Off..... Sniffle, sniffle

I feel old.

BoyCrazy is gone to university..... I didn't actually cry, but it was close, and I have managed to find excuses to phone her 4 times in the last two days!!!

Other than packing her off to Ottawa, we spent the weekend doing the family camping thing... Every year we go camping with a group of friends/families. This year we had 10 camp sites altogether. It's always an enjoyable weekend (well, except for two years ago when it rained the whole weekend, I finally gave up and went home early..... I am definately a fair-weather camper!) This weekend the weather was beautiful and I actually managed to get a little relaxation in.

I got home early enough yesterday to start on my swap quilt (ALQS). I'm still a little nervous about the whole swap thing when I've never done one before, but I figure I have to start somewhere. I'll post some pictures of my progress on it tomorrow.

I will leave you with our traditional year end camping picture: all of our kids (plus a few extras from nearby campsites) We used to include the adults, but the group got too large for that. The blonde girl in the white shirt at the very back, and the goofy looking one in the cowboy hat belong to me, plus they each brought a friend (the other blonde girl at the back and the boy in the front with the black t-shirt... my kids like to travel in pairs LOL)