Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to our Regularily Scheduled Programming.....

Back in July I bought the One Block Wonder book because I had seen two beautiful quilts in the quilt shops I visited that day. One of the quilts (the black and white penguin quilt) is shown on this website: go take a look, she has pictures of some of the One Block Wonders she has made. The best news though, is she will be teaching the class at the CreativFestival in Toronto this year and I am going to do my best to make it there for her class!

Yesterday was the first guild meeting of the year and as usual, I forgot my camera! I do have a picture of the block of the month though, it's a Hawaiian type applique block. So I jumped right in last night and cut out the applique. I'm using fusible web, and I am going to machine stitch around it. I still need to buy the background fabric, which means I have an excuse to hit the fabric store this weekend!

The next picture is the start of my swap quilt. It's a paper-pieced mariner's compass but I'm not too thrilled with it yet. I'm sure it doesn't help that I've never done paper-piecing before. I am going to finish it and see if I like it before I decide anything.

Here's a couple of pictures of BoyCrazy's quilt, still on the frame. No, I didn't get it finished in time for her to take it university. Bad Mommy, bad..... Fortunately, her sister is planning on visiting her in a couple of weeks so I'll send it to her then.

It's not hard to tell that this is one of my early tops, the first picture shows just how out of square it is. But she won't mind, she actually heped cut out and sew the wonky squares in the middle (the one and only time she actually showed an interest in my sewing machine!)
Finally, under the heading of 'My Husband is a Freak' I am going to go watch the lunatic jump out of an airplane this afternoon! He and my friend Sue are going skydiving! My friend Sue watched the movie The Bucket List a couple of months ago and she has decided there are a few things she wants to do in life NOW, not when she's old. DH thought the skydiving was great and decided he was going with her...... They're both lunatics. Fortunatley they're both doing what is called a tandem dive, where you are actually strapped to an experienced skydiver. Hmmm, maybe they won't go SPLAT after all.... Her husband and I are going to watch and try not to throw up.....

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Anonymous said...

I took this class from Debra and she is really good. We had a large class but somehow she managed to give us all the individual time and attention we needed.