Tuesday, September 2, 2008

She's Off..... Sniffle, sniffle

I feel old.

BoyCrazy is gone to university..... I didn't actually cry, but it was close, and I have managed to find excuses to phone her 4 times in the last two days!!!

Other than packing her off to Ottawa, we spent the weekend doing the family camping thing... Every year we go camping with a group of friends/families. This year we had 10 camp sites altogether. It's always an enjoyable weekend (well, except for two years ago when it rained the whole weekend, I finally gave up and went home early..... I am definately a fair-weather camper!) This weekend the weather was beautiful and I actually managed to get a little relaxation in.

I got home early enough yesterday to start on my swap quilt (ALQS). I'm still a little nervous about the whole swap thing when I've never done one before, but I figure I have to start somewhere. I'll post some pictures of my progress on it tomorrow.

I will leave you with our traditional year end camping picture: all of our kids (plus a few extras from nearby campsites) We used to include the adults, but the group got too large for that. The blonde girl in the white shirt at the very back, and the goofy looking one in the cowboy hat belong to me, plus they each brought a friend (the other blonde girl at the back and the boy in the front with the black t-shirt... my kids like to travel in pairs LOL)


Suzan said...

The entire year before my oldest son left for college, everytime I hung up his laundry, I cried. The day I dropped him off at school, I made excuses to hang around as long as I could. He finally told me "I'll be ok, Mom. You can leave now." I cried every bit of the 3 hour drive home. When he came home for winter break and stayed for a month, I was THRILLED when he got in the car to leave.

Remember - "This too shall pass"!!

Moneik said...

Your group looks great. I'm sure you had a wonderful time. I really enjoy getting together with a large group like that.

Hazel said...

Now that looks like a happy bunch of campers .Looks like you had fun .
Cheer up ,Suzan is right I bawled like a baby when my son left and was in hell the first year he was gone .I would do any thing for my kids but please don't ask to live with me LOL