Monday, September 22, 2008

Under Construction ....

I started putting the Maple Leaf quilt together for SportsFan. So far so good. First I made three panels to create the flag, and then I fused the large maple leaf to the center section (I haven't sewed the three sections together yet, I'm going to wait until all of the applique is done).

I cut out the letters for the center of the maple leaf.

This is the poster that I am using as a pattern. Tonight I need to fuse the letters onto the maple leaf. I'm not sure how to line them up correctly and keep them from moving while I press them down. I might try lining them up aginst a ruler, then using a small piece of masking tape at the top of the letter to hold it in place, press the bottom of the letter, then remove the masking tape and press the top of the letter. If anyone has another method, I'd love to know about it.

In regards to my last post, I've decided to look at it from a different angle: in the first ten years of quilting (no machine or frame) I only finished five quilts, and two were quilted by someone else. With a quilting machine, in only a year and a half, I've finished 14! (Sounds much better that way)


Jen said...

I really don't seem to have problems with the letters moving when I go to press. I kind of carefully place the iron down and completely pick it up before moving to the next place. I've been doing that on those phrases.

Now, word of caution...the leaf. A few years back, I did a Retro Milwaukee Brewers logo quilt for my hubby. After a few washings, the center of the logo kind of bubbled up; like it's no longer stuck down. It's fine because it's appliqued down but it looks kinda funny (probably only to me and not to anyone else). If I had to do it again I might consider doing some free motion quilting over the logo in say monofiliment or just doing some same color or monofiliment through the logo kind of like echoing just to keep it from bubbling. Or, you may not even have the same problem I did. =)

Moneik said...

I think it will look great when you are done. I have to agree with Jen, depending on what kind of transfer web material you use, laying on a flat surface I have never had a problem with the letters moving on me.