Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Next ....

My next quilt to make is for my friend Dave, who turned 50 this summer. One of the gifts he received for his birthday was this 'turkey shirt'. The first time he wore it the dog jumped up on him and tore the front of it (yes, he actually wore it! and no the shirt wasn't from me...) So he asked me if I could put it into the quilt I promised to make him (the quilt is for his 50th birthday, with the understanding that he probably won't see it until his 51st....)

The turkeys are actually quite nice, it was the fact that they were on a shirt that made me laugh (the fabric is 100% cotton).

Since Dave is an avid hunter, I picked up various wildlife fabrics to go with the turkeys:

Moose, ducks and fish

and I had these two panels of the bear and the deer (why I had them, I have no idea).

Since I don't have a pattern and all of the panels are different sizes, I'm going to wing it... here's my plan:

I'm going to cut out all of the various wildlife pictures and put them up on a design wall. Then, hopefully, I will arrange them in a somewhat pleasing manner, and either set them together with the leaders and enders (1 and 1/2 squares) I've been working on, or
I'll use the light brown fabric for sashing between the squares and the dark brown for a border.

Really, I'm not sure. I usually stick to making quilts from patterns. Basically, I'm just going to start cutting and hope for the best!


Suzan said...

It will be EXTREMELY manly and I bet that is what he is hoping for!!

Anonymous said...

The worst part of winging it, is the time it takes to make up ones mind what to do next - at least that's they way it is for me. Good luck with the project and keep us posted on the progress.