Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Leafs Nation

Just in time for Hockey season:

The border was a bit of a pain because I had to change colours to keep the 'flag' look.
The quilting is an overall looping pattern in matching thread for the blue and white sections, and I did a small McTavishing pattern on the leaf so that (hopefully) the fusing won't bubble up after it's washed many times. It worked out to be approximately a double bed size and so far is the largest quilt I have made. SportsFan is happy with it, and now I'm off the hook for quilts for my children. All three have their own and I can stick to making what turns my fancy!

Speaking of which, I've started two new quilts this week, a One Block Wonder (I bought the book 3 months ago) and I started a Christmas wallhanging. Dave's wildlife/hunting quilt is on the back burner for now while I stare at it on the design wall and ponder my next step....

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