Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas? Already?

I haven't been quilting at all....

UniversityGirl came home from school last Thursday and is now home for 3 weeks. It's so nice to have her home! Her 19th birthday was on Monday, so between that and trying to get ready for Christmas, I've been a little busy.....

The tree is finally up, but that's it as far as decorations go, now I just have two gifts left to buy and I'm all done.

I'm on holidays from the 24th to Jan 5th, so I'm hoping to do some major quilting during my holidays (one can always hope!).

Since I do most of my blogging from work, I probably won't be posting until the New Year, so, for all my bloggy friends out there:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Nanci said...

Heh Trish, nice to have the kids around during holidays, even though they want to visit friends and sleep through the days.
Good time to teach them the art of shovelling, especially this year.
OMG, where is global warming when we need
So much snow, Vegas sure looks good. Merry Christmas to you and yours.