Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Someone just shoot me now ......

I finished Dave's quilt. Yup, came straight home from work, fixed the mistake I made last night, sewed all the borders on and stood back to admire my handiwork and BAM!

I sewed one of the fish blocks in UPSIDE-DOWN!!!!!

I don't know whether to laugh or cry .....

So if you'll excuse me, I think I'll just crawl under the quilting machine and curl up in a little ball....

Monday, January 26, 2009

Extremely Slow Progress ....

For the last week I've been making myself work on the quilt for my friend Dave.

This is what I started with, I sashed each block with a dark brown fabric, and then I used a gold background to put them together. I think it looks alright, but it sure is a pain to put together without a pattern. In fact, I'm NOT enjoying the process at all.

If it wasn't for DH constantly nagging me, it would be hidden in a plastic tote underneath the quilting machine. Everytime I try to work on something else he says, "How come you're not working on Dave's quilt?'

Well, basically because I don't LIKE Dave's quilt. (Don't tell Dave!) Mostly because I'm having trouble getting everything to be square .... but the other reason is that I have figured out that I only like making quilts that use fabric that appeals to me.... and fish, moose and deer aren't exactly what I find attractive in a quilt, LOL!

However, I know that Dave is going to love it (I gave him a sneak preview of the fabrics and he was thrilled!). I only have one more row to put together (at the bottom of the quilt, it will be the same as the top row) and then I can figure out if I have enough fabric left for a border. As far as the 'waviness' goes, I think if I quilt the gold sections fairly heavy, it will flatten it out.

Last week I made the mistake of of taking a good look at what quilting projects I have on the go.... Five quilts currently in progress (this means I have started cutting and sewing, kits don't count.... don't even go there) Sheesh, how did that happen? I mean, I know I'm not a 'start to finish' person, but I usually control myself and only have two, maybe three at the most in the works.

Dave's quilt (getting there...)
Turning Twenty (needs border)
Winterthreads Applique quilt (have MANY blocks left to applique)
One Block Wonder (have 1/3 of the blocks pieced)
4SQS5 quilt swap (started it twice, but keep changing my mind)

So my goal for January and February is to finish at least three of them, before I start anything new.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I don't normally complain about the weather (when you live in Canada, there really isn't much point) but DAMN it's cold!

I finished Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too....

and I used it to practice with the new MicroHandles. The first picture is freehand continuous curves on the four patches and the pinwheels, they're not great but they are better than I could do with the original handles.

The second picture is just random squiggly curls

Dwirling around Winnie the Pooh

The Finished product. Try to ignore the ugly cream binding. Since it was made from left over pieces of another quilt, I didn't have enough fabric left for the binding. Fortunately, I know a cute little two year old boy who isn't going to care what colour the binding is!
Last night I started a Turning Twenty quilt. I've never made one before but I've had the book for a couple of months. I have decided that I am NOT allowed to buy more fabric until I use up some of the stuff I already have, at least three or four quilts worth! Since I had 16 left over fat quarters in black, red and white that I didn't use in Meagan's quilt, I used them to make a 4X4 Turning Twenty (although technically, I guess it's a Turning 16!). I pieced all the squares last night and I'm planning on finishing the top this weekend. It certainly goes together fast, it's not hard to see why it's such a popular pattern.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Micro Handles

I finally got around to installing the Micro Handles onto my machine (the bottom set of handles in the picture). They've been in a box under the quilting machine for three months (can you say procrastinate???).
Anyways, they're on now, so I spent a little time last night trying them out..... hhhmmmm.... BIG learning curve here.
It's like learning to quilt all over again. The point of the lower handles is that they are closer to the quilt and you have more control for doing smaller, more intricate patterns. HAH! I can see that I am going to need practice, practice, and more practice!
I pulled out a top for a baby quilt I made last spring and tried to quilt freehand feathers..... ha ha ha ..... ROTFL..... it's a good thing I don't do this for a living!
However, I'm not giving up, back to the drawing board tonight.....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Two Finishes for 2009

The bad news is that DH has a cold and was sick all weekend, in fact I don't think he got off the couch for three days.

The good news is that it translates into MAJOR quilting time for me (insert evil laugh here....)

I hand stitched the binding on That 70's Show and the Christmas Tablecloth, and yes, I did get moving on more blocks for Dave's quilt (which I have renamed "Bullwinkle and Friends"). All I'm doing right now is putting dark brown strips around each block. Once that's completed, I'm going to hang them up on a design wall and stare at them for probably at least a couple of weeks ......
I didn't get a picture of That 70's Show finished because SportsFan (the official quilt holder) wasn't home and DH wasn't getting up for anything....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

That 70's Show ....

Is the name of my latest quilt. The girls came up with the name, they thought the fabrics were 70's retro. It's a disappearring nine-patch. This one is going to be given to Laura's friend Katy.

I started it before Christmas, but I didn't get it quilted until after the New Year. I quilted loops in the main part of the quilt, a large stipple in the border and I did more loops on the inner brown border.

Once I get the binding on, I'm going to make a real effort to get Dave's quilt together. I've been ignoring it for over a month now, but I need to start working on it soon!

The girls gave me a new camera for Christmas, since it's PINK, it should be easier to find and I hopefully won't misplace it as often as I did with the other one!

And my sister gave me a tote on wheels (similiar to the picture) for when I go to the St. Jude's Quilt Retreat in April! Yeah, Sis! (she's the best.... even though there may have been a few subtle hints dropped here and there... LOL)