Monday, January 26, 2009

Extremely Slow Progress ....

For the last week I've been making myself work on the quilt for my friend Dave.

This is what I started with, I sashed each block with a dark brown fabric, and then I used a gold background to put them together. I think it looks alright, but it sure is a pain to put together without a pattern. In fact, I'm NOT enjoying the process at all.

If it wasn't for DH constantly nagging me, it would be hidden in a plastic tote underneath the quilting machine. Everytime I try to work on something else he says, "How come you're not working on Dave's quilt?'

Well, basically because I don't LIKE Dave's quilt. (Don't tell Dave!) Mostly because I'm having trouble getting everything to be square .... but the other reason is that I have figured out that I only like making quilts that use fabric that appeals to me.... and fish, moose and deer aren't exactly what I find attractive in a quilt, LOL!

However, I know that Dave is going to love it (I gave him a sneak preview of the fabrics and he was thrilled!). I only have one more row to put together (at the bottom of the quilt, it will be the same as the top row) and then I can figure out if I have enough fabric left for a border. As far as the 'waviness' goes, I think if I quilt the gold sections fairly heavy, it will flatten it out.

Last week I made the mistake of of taking a good look at what quilting projects I have on the go.... Five quilts currently in progress (this means I have started cutting and sewing, kits don't count.... don't even go there) Sheesh, how did that happen? I mean, I know I'm not a 'start to finish' person, but I usually control myself and only have two, maybe three at the most in the works.

Dave's quilt (getting there...)
Turning Twenty (needs border)
Winterthreads Applique quilt (have MANY blocks left to applique)
One Block Wonder (have 1/3 of the blocks pieced)
4SQS5 quilt swap (started it twice, but keep changing my mind)

So my goal for January and February is to finish at least three of them, before I start anything new.


Suzan said...

Well, Dave's quilt truly is a "guy quilt"! I think it looks great. It is amazing how stippling (or any kind of heavy quilting) sucks up ripples and waves!

Nanci said...

Ok, get it finished. Time to do a girly thing Trish. I think it's the bloody weather! I can't get going, can't walk the dog....too cold...don't feel like quilting...too cold.
It's January blahs. We are dreaming of spring girl!
I think the quilt up close and personal is probably great. I'm definitely not a brown person, but you picked the right background colour to bring out those blocks.
Oh, you could finish it on the longarm and he'll love it.

Bethany said...

It's a stunning "Man Quilt"! Dave will LOVE it so get it done for him ASAP. You do realize all his buddies will want one too. LOL!