Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Micro Handles

I finally got around to installing the Micro Handles onto my machine (the bottom set of handles in the picture). They've been in a box under the quilting machine for three months (can you say procrastinate???).
Anyways, they're on now, so I spent a little time last night trying them out..... hhhmmmm.... BIG learning curve here.
It's like learning to quilt all over again. The point of the lower handles is that they are closer to the quilt and you have more control for doing smaller, more intricate patterns. HAH! I can see that I am going to need practice, practice, and more practice!
I pulled out a top for a baby quilt I made last spring and tried to quilt freehand feathers..... ha ha ha ..... ROTFL..... it's a good thing I don't do this for a living!
However, I'm not giving up, back to the drawing board tonight.....


Suzan said...

I have been bugging my sister about getting those for her APQS. It just looks like you would have better control being able to put your little fingers on the quilt surface and "driving" with your thumb and forefinger. Let us know how it all works out!

Nanci said...

Whoa Trish, I didn't know you had one of those! Do you want to practice on my red and white quilt? Or better still are you going into business? Your feathers look good to me!Great great stuff!
All that practicing, I envy you the long arm.

Anonymous said...

May I post your photo of your D9P on my block, as opposed to doing a link? As I said before this is the best 9patch I've seen, and I want to write a post about D9P and Turning Twenty quilts.

Anonymous said...

Oops, in my comment (see above) I said "block" when I should have said "blog".

Quilter said...

I think your feathers look great!
I want the micro handles sooo badly, I asked Mark about them when I bought my machine but he said try w/o for a while, and its ok w/o but I think that having them would make small background fills a lot easier.

On my ever growing wish list! lol

Talk to you soon!