Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Home again

Well, I'm back to the freezing cold Ontario winter.... Yeah!

Well, maybe not Yeah.... The weather in Cuba was fantastic the whole week, but that's pretty much all I can say about the trip that won't be major whining.... let me sum it up with the fact that the food was so bad, I lost 4 pounds (not necessarily a bad thing!) We had a good time overall, just a lot (I mean A LOT) of annoyances built into the trip.

Moving on, I'm working on the 4SQS quilt. This swap is monochromatic... and let me just say that it's really stretching the limit for me to only work with one colour!

I'm also still quilting the Moose quilt for Dave. I work on the 4SQS quilt for a while, then I quilt for a while.... slowly I'm making progress on both.

But I do have a new story:

MaterialGirl is in grade 12 this year and she decided to take a co-op at the hospital for her last semester (she has applied to the nursing program at the local college). Ummm.... maybe not.... turns out the girl faints at the sight of blood.... out cold.... on the floor type of fainting.....
Uh oh, maybe nursing isn't her calling after all..... The bright side is that she found this out before she invested her time and (our) money at college. Now she has to rethink what she's going to do in the fall because there's NO WAY she's going back to the hospital (her words, not mine).


Suzan said...

I was a nursing major. I discovered that blood wasn't a problem for me...just watching someone cut into skin makes me nauseous. I cannot even watch when they do it on fake dead bodies on CSI!

Nanci said...

hi trish, welcome home. yeah what a way to lose weight...cuba. I hear that from a lot of people. Great beaches, lovely people, but the food really sucks!
I have a granddaughter who also is alergic to the site of blood. Physio is going to be her calling I think. She is a competitive kayaker and has some national funding for this year to train in florida for 5 weeks...the weather you know. But she's making future decisions regarding studies. If she makes the Olympics I'll definitely let you know.

Peggy said...

I was a medical technologist in my past life. I found I could handle blood as long as it came in a test tube but not bleeding patients.

Jennifer said...

I had to laugh at the story about your daughter...same thing happened to my friend and she now works in grants/administration at a hospital! Still in the same business, just a different wing!