Wednesday, March 11, 2009

4 Seasons Quilt Swap 5

First, I mailed my quilt off Monday morning..... going overseas (can't tell you where):

Then I came home from work and found this little gem in my mail:

It's from Tina and it's gorgeous! It has tiny tulips in the corner, and even tinier little bumblebees in each of the tulips. She also sent some really cute notecards, but I was a little braindead yesterday and forgot to take a picture.

Thanks Tina, I love it!

Of course I can't have a post without a story:

I went to the post office Monday to mail my quilt and I ask the girl behind the counter, "how much to send this parcel to XXXXXX?"

"Well, she says, "it's $8 to send it ground or $17 to send it by air."

So I say, "how long does ground take? (I'm thinking if it's 6 to 10 days, I'll do it that way)"

She says: "4 to 6 weeks"

I'm thinking "4 to 6 WEEKS? R U Kidding me?! Is it going in a ROWBOAT????"

But I didn't say it, of course, instead I said, "Umm, I 'll go with the air. Does that include a tracking number?"

She says "No, if you want a tracking number it will be ..... let's see.... Oh yeah, $57."

"$57 DOLLARS????!!!! For a tracking number? R U ON CRACK?????"

Actually what I said (after I got the shocked look off of my face was, "Thank you, no. I won't be needing a tracking number....)"

Canada Post drives me insane.


Tina said...

The quilt you made is gorgeous (what I can see of it!) That is crazy - postage and tracking shouldn't cost that much!!! Glad you received the quilt and that you love it. That makes me happy :o)!

Nanci said...

Gee Trish, I wish I lived overseas! Wouldn't that be a surprise for me. I love that quilt. I imagine you quilted it on your longarm it's looking really lovely.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Come on....get a tracking number! Ha! Ha!

Brenda said...

Uh, be careful..... My friend a couple yrs ago sent her daughters christmas pkg (actually her hubby did) and it was full of gifts for the kids (all handmade of course) and quilts and, well gifts for the family. Hubby didn't put insurance on it..... it got to Ontario - never to be seen again.............. It got real close to where it was supposed to go and went into the twilight zone - and with no insurance on it, it was "oh well, sorry"
So, now I would be, no I am, scared to mail anything that I really like..... Wounder if Greyhound would be better... but if it's going across the ocean, it wouldn't be I guess!! And yes, it does seem like the mail comes by rowboat - living on the praires I am surprised sometimes that the boat can even be rowed across the wheat fields, but somehow they manage. It is shocking what they charge.

Red Haired Girl said...

Trish, thankyou so much for the quilt I love it. I am going to put it in the bedroom on the wall, our room is mainly black and white but this will be a perfect splash of colour.

Many thanks for all of you hard work, it's so neat and beautifully quilted, I will keep practicing so one day I can quilt like you.

It arrived on Tuesday and I picked it up from the post office yesterday, so pretty good going for such a long journey. Maybe your (and our) postal system isn't so bad after all...

I will blog it I promise when I get the camera working again tonight. Thankyou.