Friday, March 20, 2009

Canada Post comes through .....

Well, they might be expensive, but Canada Post came through with flying colours..... Tina received her quilt only a week after I sent it! WooHoo! Her pictures are better than mine, you can check it out here.

I'm making progress on Dave's quilt, all the blocks are quilted now, I only have two borders left to quilt. It probably won't happen this weekend though, all three kids will be home and I promised MaterialGirl that we will go to Toronto on Saturday to shop for a formal (prom) dress (technically, it's not called Prom in Ontario, they call it Formal). Given how picky the girl is, I'm sure I'll be exhausted by Saturday night.


Nanci said...

Our mail system is very expensive, but apparently efficient too. I sent a small quilt to Dorset, cost me $16.00 and that was regular mail. I could have driven there for the price.
But your friend receiving the quilt in the mail and the joy of opening a parcel is worth every penny. I love it! Is that a dragonfly? I hope so. I love it love it love it.

Mary-Kay said...

Hurray for Canada Post!!!Anyway about the dance. According to my son a Semi-formal is usually for grade 9&10 but can be attended by all grades while a Prom can only be attended by the grade 12 but they can invite grade 11 students.