Monday, March 23, 2009

A "Finish"

Well, it's not a quilty finish, but we managed to come home with a dress on Saturday! I was so impressed, I had visions of multiple trips to Toronto! Plus, she actually managed to stay within the budget (really made me happy there!).

On the quilting front, I finished quilting Dave's quilt...Yippeee!!! Now I just have to attach the binding. I had big plans to do it Sunday night, but I got way-laid by a killer migraine, so I never left the couch all night.... maybe tonight....

I don't have any pictures yet, because either the light wasn't right, or there wasn't anyone home to hold it up for me (the nerve..... not being at my beck and call when I need them ...LOL)

1 comment:

Nanci said...

Oh Trish, I've had a few migraines. Not fun!
I can hardly wait till you have that finished! I usually use the banister if my sweetie isn't available.
Spring is almost here!