Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back from Retreat...

And I had a wonderful time at the retreat. It was so great to meet so many of the bloggers in the Prolific Online Quilters group. They were all wonderful, smart, funny women who LOVE TO QUILT (Hah! Take that DH... I am neither crazy nor the odd woman out anymore!!!)

Did you notice my new blog header? Moneik made one for everyone with their blog name on it. I have mine attached to my rotary cutter.... Thanks, Moneik! And a big thank you to everyone who brought amazing hand crafted gifts for all of us, I will show pictures of all my loot and goodies tomorrow.

I will say that four days in another country (even if it is right next door) makes for some interesting times.

For example, I am convinced that Americans are speed freaks.... the speed limit in Michigan is 70mph, and I'm pretty sure that it's considered a minimum..... 80 or 85mph seems to be the standard....

Turnip greens and grits taste better than they look.

There is no helmet law for motorcyclists in Ohio.... I was shocked when I saw all the people without helmets..... (either that or they have a WHOLE bunch of lawbreakers...)

I forgot to tell everyone that I am somewhat paranoid about driving over large bridges, so no one thought to mention that the bridge at Port Huron is HUGE....(can you say "white knuckle driving...?")

I do not have a Canadian accent.... everyone else has an American accent .... ha ha ha

Now I'm heading for a nap to catch up on all the sleep I didn't get on the weekend!


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Ahahhaha....In my defence, I consider speed limit signs mere suggestions and I was very proud of you for tasting turnip greens and grits! The helmet thing is simply to "thin the herd" as far as I can tell....Had a great time and so happy I got to meet you!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Oh! I think I may have to copy your header idea....I love that thing!

Moneik said...

Love your header! So glad you liked the rotary cutter fob. It was great meeting you.

Jennifer said...

Love the header Trish...I may have to steal too! Great to meet you this weekend!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

You know.....80-85 is only for unlicensed drivers....hahahahah

Jen said...

I LOVE that you used that as your blog header!!

Speed freaks? Us? I'm just giggling that she went that fast without a valid license!!

I can't believe you tried turnip greens and grits...I sure wouldn't!

Wisconsin has a helmet law but I'd bet 50% don't wear them.

I really didn't think you had much of an accent!!

It was fabulous meeting you!