Friday, May 29, 2009

Elton John & Billy Joel

Tuesday night I went to Toronto to see Elton John & Billy Joel in concert.

The show was great, I really enjoyed both performers. But, of course, it's me, so I couldn't go to Toronto and back without something happening.....

I went with my friend Carol and her sister-in-law Margaret. When we left the show we managed to get a little lost trying to walk back to our car. Personally, I know that I'm directionally challenged, so I always go back the same way I came..... but no, Margaret insisted that we take a 'shortcut' through Union station...... Then, 20 minutes later, we still haven't found the car, she decides that we have to go through the underground parking of the Convention centre because that's where we're parked.

"Ummm, Margaret, the Convention centre takes up an entire city block and we're parked on the OTHER side of the centre.... we'll never find it if we go in this side... we need to walk around the block and go in the right entrance"

"No problem", says Margaret, "we can get there from me!"

Okey dokey..... 20 minutes later, we are back to exactly where we started and my feet are KILLING me (why do I even OWN heels? hmmm?) Finally, we get directions from a hotel employee and she (of course) sends us AROUND THE BLOCK (like I said....) and 45 minutes after we left the show, we finally find the car.....

The bright side is that the show was worth every minute of it.......

On the quilty side of things, I've done absolutely nothing lately. Now that the nice weather is here, between me and the kids, I've been spending most of my time on the ballfield. This weekend we're going to Niagara Falls for SportsFan's baseball tournament. Hopefully I can get back to the sewing machine next week!


Jen said...

I went to a Billy Joel/Elton John show about 12 years ago and it was fabulous!!! I'd go again in a heart beat.

Nanci said...

Hi Trish. I'm just able to post after returning to Whitby for the weekend. Dial up is almost impossible to deal with. 21 kgb...yuck!
I actually read your blog of the show. My neighbour went and said it was the very best concert she had ever attended.
She said the same thing. Worth every penny and she would go again tomorrow if they were back.