Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quilt Shows

This year the Kawartha Quilt Guild (of which I am a member) is holding their bi-annual, non-judged show. As a favour to the members, they decided to hire a quilt judge who would look at member's quilts and comment on the workmanship, etc. It was purely volunteer... you didn't have to put in your quilt for the judge to look at unless you wanted too.

I decided to put in the wildlife quilt I just finished (I'm showing it at the quilt show this weekend as well). Anyways, I took it to the meeting this morning and had the judge look at it. I just wanted to get an idea of what areas need improvement (I'm sure there are lots of them)

So I picked up my quilt after the meeting and this was on the comment card attached to the quilt:

"Very neat. Quite lovely."

Huh? How is that constructive? I was expecting a little more detail and maybe something specific.... like "stitches are uneven" or "stitches are very even" . Maybe a comment on the overall design or something on the quilting design???? Very disappointing.

Moving on, I went to my sister's on the weekend and she took me to the Napanee Area Guild Quilt Show. The Napanee Guild isn't very large, but the show was still very nice. The had a few vendor booths and Lo and Behold! my sister found a deer panel almost identical to one I used for the wildlife quilt and now she's convinced me to make a similiar quilt for my nephew (another avid outdoorsman!). I can't win for losing.... remember how much I disliked working with all that "guy" fabric..... here I go again!

Of course I was already thinking about making him a quilt for his high school graduation this year (he's the same age as MaterialGirl), so I guess I'll just have to suck it up and make something he will like.....


Nanci said... just can't get away from those guys! very funny Trish.
I thought the judge would have commented on the "maleness" of the quilt...needs pink or something.
Welcome back and I now have your sickness...coughing to death.

Cindy said...

I'd love to get a compliment from the judge like you got. I'm to chicken to submit anything so I give you lots of credit for doing it. Happy Mother's Day.

limpingalong said...

You now, the comment could have been MUCH worse. I know it felt like faint praise, but, I would take it in a heartbeat!