Monday, June 15, 2009

Quilt Holder

This is the quilt holder I bought last weekend. It's wrought iron and I like the way you can see all three quilts. My wooden quilt racks are higher in the center, so whe you put three quilts on them, you can only see the first two.
I don't have any quilting to show because I've been finishing up my Spring Fling Round Robin mini quilt and I can't post pictures yet. I can say that I am very happy with how it turned out ....... I just need to bind it and it's done.


Jen said...

I love your new quilt holder! Mine is like your other one where you can't really see.

piecesofpatti said...

I really like your quilt holder. I don't have one. That will go on my wish list.

jillquilts said...

OH, I love the quilt holder! It looks great! I looked for some in Columbsu when I was there for the NQA show and they had wooden ones like that, but it was too expensive for me at the time. I'm going to keep hunting for them though!