Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm a little tired today, thanks to DH and MaterialGirl. She phoned last night from her girlfriend's house to let me know that she would be staying the night (I get a little cranky if they don't tell me these things....). So of course, I lock the doors and off to bed I go....... 2:30 in the morning DH wakes me up "Trish, wake up, there's someone knocking at the door!"

Huh? You couldn't just answer it?

Of course not... that's what WIVES are for!!!!

So I drag my sorry butt down to the front door and sure enough, it's MaterialGirl.

Me: "So what part of 'I'm not coming home' did I not understand?"

MaterialGirl: "I changed my mind (at 2:30am???) .... why did you lock the door?"

Me: "Umm, 'cause I always lock the door unless someone is coming home late... " What I didn't say was "Excuse me, are you NEW???? You've lived here HOW long????" Nope, I clamped my mouth shut and went back to bed.....

On a cheerier note, I'm just about finished the binding on the final round of SFF3. I will post a picture after the owner receives it. It's gorgeous! I love the colours and the fabrics that everyone picked out.

Next on the agenda is to finish up the Yellow Brick Road quilt I started (the one where I read the pattern wrong, so it's definitely NOT going to look like the picture on the pattern!!!). And now that it's almost finished, I'm really not to fond of the colours I put together, either. This could be the making of a genuine 'Ugly Quilt'. We'll see.

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Nanci said...

Oh the tales we will tell when they marry....and how bright they were too.
I love the quilt holder. Very functional too.
Satellite is dreamy!
You've been busy,