Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quilting Room

SportsFan put the Ikea shelves together for me and I retrieved my fabric from the various hiding areas around the house. Ummm, turns out I have more fabric than I thought I did..... while it may not seem like a lot to some people, I had pretty much convinced myself that my stash was very small, practically non-existant even.... oops, that's what happens when you store a little bit here, a little bit there.
About a month ago, I was thinking that I wanted to start a new quilt 'Amandjean' style, meaning bright colours paired with lots of white. I talked myself out of it because I didn't have any white fabric.... Yeah, right! See the top left shelf in the picture? Turns out I have PLENTY of white. Yards of it, in fact. Silly me.
Now that I know that I have enough white, I bought some pretty fat quarters online:

Hippie Chicks by Marcus Brothers and Olive Rose by Valori Wells

Monday, October 19, 2009

Another weekend bites the dust.....

Still here and still quilting... sort of.....

I spent yesterday working on the blocks for my nephew's quilt. Oops..... I sewed two rows together before I realized that I hadn't adjusted my needle for a 1/4 inch seam (my machine does not sew a perfect 1/4 inch until AFTER you move the needle to the right twice). So of course the seams were too large, which makes the rows not wide enough.... blech..... now I have to frog stitch both rows and start over. Sigh....

Saturday night was my end of year dinner and dance for the mixed baseball league I play in. Driving home at 3:00 am (what were we thinking?), I came around the corner and there was a freaking COW in the middle of the road! It's a good thing I don't drive fast! I managed to stop the car about with about two feet to spare, but OMG! That thing was huge! (I forget just how big cows really are until I see one up close). Scared the you-know-what out of me!

My favourite LQS had a sale on Saturday, 30% off on all fabric. So of course I HAD to go! I purchased a pattern book and the fabric to make a baby quilt for a friend, plus some batting and a few odds and ends. $100 later, I decided I had better skip the Creativ Festival in Toronto on Sunday, or I would've spent even more money!

Tomorrow I will post the pictures of the new shelves that SportsFan put together for me. My quilting room is pretty much complete now!

Monday, October 5, 2009

My New Quilting Room.....

I'm sure you can tell by the wall colour that the room used to belong to UniversityGirl! Lime green isn't one of my favorites, but I hate painting, so it will do for now. She's not impressed that she had to move into her brother's old room, but hey, she only lives here 4 months of the year, and his old room wasn't big enough to fit the machine! (He moved to the basement last year, now he's my little 'cellar dweller').

Tonight I'm off to Ikea tonight to buy some storage units for fabric, LOTS of storage units, and if I need to buy more fabric to fill it up.... well.... that's not my fault...(insert evil laugh here).

This room is going to be used for quilting and cutting, I am leaving the sewing machine downstairs so I don't get lonely when I'm piecing!

I started a new quilt this week for my nephew, it's called 'Big Sky Country". I purchased the kit at the quilt show in September. I don't normally buy kits but I really liked this one..... in fact, it may be a little hard to give it away! I've finished 28 blocks and sewn the center section together. Click here for a closer look at the pattern.