Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Isn't it PURDY?

Well, the top is done, now I need to put it on the frame and quilt it. I do really like this one, it turned out nice, even after all the fuss and frustration. Hopefully the different sized borders aren't too noticeable.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Quilting Instructions....

Place one hand on each side of head..... grasp hair firmly.....PULL!

Yes, I spent the weekend working on my nephew's quilt and it was one frustration after another. First, I couldn't find it. Huh? I know I left it on my quilt holder???? Took 2 days but we finally realized it was downstairs folded up with all the spare blankets that were used on New Year's Eve (UniversityGirl had a party and at least 20 of her 'nearest and dearest' spent the night). Since we ran out of blankets, somebody decided to use an almost finished quilt top! Couldn't have been very warm!

After a much needed ironing, I proceeded to add the last border of quarter square triangles.... or not. The horizontal rows fit perfectly, but when I tried to add the vertical row, my row of squares were 2 inches too short!!!! TWO INCHES? That's ridiculous, I've been out before, but never even close to that much!

And of course it doesn't help when DH is watching me try to fit it together and teasing me about my math skills! For the record, dear, all I did was follow the pattern, I am not taking the blame for this one!

So with much cursing under my breath (well, out loud, actually) I shortened two of the horizontal borders until it measured the right size. I attached one side last night and HOPEFULLY (cross my fingers) I will get the last one attached tonight.

And I refuse to take a picture of the beast until it is all together.

Monday, January 11, 2010

2 Finishes already.....

A quilted calendar holder for my newly painted orange kitchen.

The pattern was from the Jan/Feb issue of Quiltmaker magazine ( a Christmas gift from my sister). I didn't add the prairie points like the pattern called for, I think the voile I chose wasn't sheer enough, and the praire points were WAY too bright for the rest of the block. But I like it anyways.

The 2nd finish isn't a quilt, it's a zebra print, fake fur blanket for MaterialGirl's room. I used red flannel for the backing and sewed the two pieces wrong sides together. Then I turned it right sides out and sewed all around the edges to keep them from rolling. Not something I would make for myself, but she's happy with it!
I'm not counting the blanket as a quilting finish, but it still feels good to accomplish something!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Goals for the year and other stuff......

I don't normally make resolutions or set goals, but I think a little push in the right direction is needed:

Quilting Goals - 12 quilts, totally finished for the year. That's one per month, should be doable. To make it easier (I need all the help I can get) I'm counting all finishes, UFO's, WIP, anything completely finished counts!

Weight - Uh Oh..... Ok, so I've been whining about my weight for a while now, so this is the year I actually have to do something about. The goal is to lose 24lbs over ONE YEAR. Translation: 2 lbs per month. Sounds easy, right..... hahaha..... No, seriously..... 2 lbs per month! First thing I'm doing is cutting out French Vanilla cappacino's from Tim Hortons!

Blogging - this one isn't complicated: Blog regularily! Jeez, I'm bad for not blogging on a regular basis, but this year I am going to be better!

On the quilty front I started a quilted calendar holder for my kitchen. It's a shadow trapunto design, and last night I finished all of the applique for it. If MaterialGirl ever returns my camera, I will post a picture.

I was thinking about doing a Stash Report, but who am I kidding? I'll leave that one for next year (I'm not at the point yet where I really want to know!).