Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Latest Quilt

My 'African Pizzazz' quilt is coming along.... except for the kitten, who likes to help by either a) lying on top of it (that's her in the top corner of the first picture) or b) running across the blocks at full speed and scattering them across the room! Eventually we get to c) = the kitten locked in the bathroom until I'm finished playing with the arrangement.

I'm not happy with the final arrangement yet, I think it has too many colours and doesn't 'blend' enough. So I'm going to make more of the gold colour nine patches and remove some of the other blocks.

I'm also going to include a red two inch border and the mixed animal print (see last post) as a six inch border.

I'm doubtful that it will happen this week, between Wednesday night dinner, Thursday night quilt meeting, MaterialGirl's birthday and Easter weekend, things are going to be pretty hectic around my house!

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