Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm back .....

Wow, I was gone longer than I thought. And I have no idea why, I certainly haven't been busy. Now that September is here I'm planning on getting in gear again, since I only managed to finish one quilt all summer.

But things have been changing around the Metcalfe house:

MaterialGirl finished college three weeks ago and is now knee-deep into job interviews.

UniversityGirl is back in Ottawa for her third year of university.

And SportsFan just started his LAST year of high school AND got his driver's license! He was late getting the driver's license thanks to a stirke by the driver license testing facility last year. It meant he had to wait an extra four months..... we were not amused! (When you live in the country, everyone counts down the months and days until they can drive!)

Once again my camera is missing (MaterialGirl, where did you put it????), but as soon as I find it I will post a picture of the BACK of Matt's quilt..... it turned out amazing with the Graffiti fabric.


Moneik said...

So excited to see you back. Hope you have an nice enjoyable fall.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Welcome Back! You've been missed!

Nanci said...

bousHeh Trish: my granddaughter just entered OU for her first year.
She's in far can eat her own cooking..
I've been the same, only one quilt this summer and it was small. Sent a bin home with friends yesterday as I think the cottage time this year is almost over. We are just getting too much weather related storms...