Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Uh oh, it's that time again....

Time to revisit last years goals and set new one's.

I had 3 goals last year:
Make 12 quilted projects - I made 7, with 2 "almost done" which I am going to count as done (Sure, that's cheating, but hey, who's counting here anyways....)

Goal 2 was to lose 24 lbs ( 2 pounds per month - umm, nope, didn't happen). HOWEVER... I did lose 10 lbs, so it's a good start.

Goal 3 was to blog on a regular basis - I sort of fell off the wagon at the end of the year.... BUT!!!!! (drum roll, please)


I get to try again!

This year's goals:

Quilted Projects: 12 in 2011

Weight: 14 pounds to lose (since I managed to lose 10 last year, it's a smaller number this year, YEAH ME!)

Blogging: - Repeat after me: I WILL blog on a regular basis! I WILL!