Monday, February 28, 2011

Bang . Head. Against. Wall.

I have LOST my 1/4 in foot...... great. Now what? I can't piece without it. I have another foot but it doesn't like me and piecing with it never goes well. Sigh. Now I'm going to have to go looking for another foot.

If you're wondering how this happened, it's because I set it on the table beside my machine. I should have put it away properly..... then one of the cats probably knocked it off, and finally, SportsFan swept the floors. I refuse to blame SportsFan, though.... because a) I asked him to sweep and b) he actually SWEPT THE FLOOR.......

So I have put my Basket quilt UFO on the frame so I will have something to work on until I find a new foot.


Nanci said...

It's just one of them there things...A lesson learned by me too. I dropped one, broke the little black thing and had to buy a new one because it's what my eye sees! Pay the $12.00 or so which is what my Janome cost!
Don't blame the sweeper for sure!

Becky said...

If you are anything like me, it will mysteriously appear after the new foot makes it to your house. Unfortunately, then I can't find the spare when I need it.

ButtonMad said...

I think the fact that sportsfan swept the floor more than makes up for the lost foot - I am impressed!

marilew said...

Hi...I just found your blog. I see this is over a year later. Did you ever find your 1/4 inch foot? I would not be without mine either. I am in awe at the difference it makes! I never had any luck with things being everything lines up all the time.
I am enjoying your quilts.