Tuesday, March 22, 2011

another Laura Story

What is a Laura Story? Well, in our house, a Laura story is one of the many stories that we are saving to tell on Laura'a wedding day (whenever that might be). A Laura story has to contain at least one of the following elements: somebody did somethig really stupid, or there was alcohol involved, or it was just downright embarassing..... or any combination of the three. Finally, it could just be an event that is so strange or weird, it could only happen to Laura.

Of course, I'm usually the last to hear about the events when they happen and this one was no different. I got home last Thursday around 8:30 and the phone rang shortly after I got in. It was Laura and she wanted to speak to her brother. As soon as she asked for Tyler I knew something was up, because the only time Laura calls her brother is at Christmas or near my birthday (when they're buying gifts together) or if something is going on and she doesn't want me to know. Hmmm.

Tyler's end of the converstion was basically Yes, No, OK, talk to you later. Now I KNOW something's up!

Me: "So what's up with your sister?"
Tyler: "Nothing. She just called to tell me that she's not going to the hockey game."
Me: "Nice try. Now tell me what's REALLY going on."
Tyler: (after a signicant pause) "Umm, you probably don't want to know...."
Me: "I'm sure I don't, tell me anyways."

Thursday was St. Patrick's day, and Laura had been given a ticket to go to the Ottawa Senator's hockey game with friends, but first had promised other friends that she would stop by their St.Pat's party on the way to the game....

Shortly after she arrived, she decided to join in a game of Flip Cup (you chug beer from a plastic cup, then set the cup down and 'flip' the cup so that it stands up agin). This is were the 'somebody does something really stupid part happens' (even more stupid than playing Flip Cup in the first place) ....someone threw a beer cap into Laura's cup, she didn't see it and chugged it along with the beer! Of course, it got stuck in her throat and she choked on it. She couldn't breathe and panicked so bad that she started to vomit. The cap wouldn't come out and it started to cut into her throat and she started throwing up blood. After much freaking out and panic on her friends part (they had already been drinking for a while and weren't thinking straight, OBVIOUSLY) they finally called an ambulance. In the meantime, poor Laura can barely breathe and is alternating between panic attacks, which make breathing worse, and trying to convince her friends to call 911 (she can't talk of course), she said she finally felt the beer cap shift a little and she managed to put her hand down her throat and pull the cap out. Just as she gets the cap out, she feels a hand on her shoulder, and it's the paramedics. They made her go to the hospital anyways, because they were afraid that with the damage the cap had done her throat might swell up and cut off her breathing.

Once she got to the hospital she called home to tell me what was going on, but since I wasn't home she told her brother. Somewhere along the line, she had a change of heart and decided it was probably better not to tell me, so she called her brother back to let me him know that she was OK and DON"T TELL MOM! Hah! Too late!

We're not done yet....

The next day, Friday, she is taking the train home from Ottawa. She had to take the late train because the student pass seats were all sold out on the earlier train. She didn't arrive until almost midnight,an hour and a half late, because the early train (that she couldn't get a ticket on) had crashed in Belleville!

On the way home from the train station, she says to me that she thinks she must have bad karma or something, because of the stuff that had happened in the last 24 hours. I said "No, you have Good Karma because A) you DIDN'T choke to death last night, which was a very real possibility and B) you weren't on the train that crashed and didn't get hurt. Being 1.5 hours late is NOT a problem!

I swear, one day that girl is going to give me a heart attack!


Moneik said...

So glad to hear Laura is okay, but I'm sure she gives you many sleepless nights! Good to hear from you.

Mary-Kay said...

I'm glad to hear your daughter is okay. I imagine it could have had a totally different ending. So it's not only my kids who manage to do these kind of things. The things we have to worry about as parents.

Nanci said...

Is she at Ottawa U? My granddaughter is there...I tell you it was best you didn't know till after the fact.
How is it you write a story that scared the you know what out of you and made it sound funny? You raised her! Glad no damage was done.